Troll Toenails

Troll Toenails

  • $7.00

Many spells require the addition of Troll Toenails, disgusting right!!

Luckily, the Grungle Bugs (they are the creatures that do all the collecting of gross-ness in The Tangled Wood) have sourced the finest Troll Toenails that are available (we won't discuss how this collecting takes place).

These toenails are suitable for crushing, stewing, boiling and even roasting in rare spells, and are an essential ingredient to have on hand.

Now for the mundane, not so magical information for humans purchasing spell ingredients on behalf of their miniature, magical practitioners: 

Each jar of Troll Toenails is approximately 2.5cm and makes a perfect addition to a 1:12 scale dolls' house, fairy house or fantasy diorama. Perfect for witches and wizards for their spell making. The contents are sealed within the jar.

The labels on each vial have been handmade...each one stained and treated to give an aged look.

Please note, these vials are very tiny and contain very tiny pieces. They are decorative, collectible pieces only and not intended for children.

These fantasy miniatures are handmade right here in The Tangled Wood studio, in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.