Vampire Guts

Vampire Guts

  • $7.00

Ok, so I know it sounds horribly disgusting, because, well, it is, however, not everything about vampire guts is terrible.

First of all, they don't smell. Bonus. You would think that something that came from the inside of a vampire would be fairly pongy, but surprisingly, there is no odour at all. Which is useful as guts are a key ingredient in truth tea and nobody would be drinking anything that smelt as bad as vampire guts sound.

Next, no vampires are hurt in the collection of the guts. We are a peaceful community here in The Tangled Wood, all guts are donated willingly by the vampires who own them. As vampires rarely die, immortality and all that, they regularly grow new guts to keep them active and they give us the ones they no longer need. Let's not discuss how the donations are made, the Grungle Bugs have it all under control.

Finally, a jar of vampire guts lasts for ages! You only ever need the tiniest amounts in spell working and potion making (too much always has dire consequences), so you can expect a jar to last for at least 137 moons. Very economical stuff!

Now for the mundane, not so magical information for humans purchasing spell ingredients on behalf of their miniature, magical practitioners: 

Each jar of Vampire Guts is approximately 2cm high (just under 2.5cm with cork) and makes a perfect addition to a 1:12 scale dolls' house, fairy house or fantasy diorama. Perfect for witches and wizards in their spell making. The contents are sealed within the jar and cannot (and definitely should not) be opened.

The labels on each vial have been handmade, each one stained and treated to give an aged look.

Please note, these vials are very tiny and contain very tiny pieces. They are decorative, collectible pieces only and not intended for children.

These fantasy miniatures are handmade right here in The Tangled Wood studio, in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.